What is EL PORT AL


The project idea originates from the fact that the 3 partners (Corfu Port,Igoumenitsa Port,Port of Saranda) are located within a virtual triangle that renders the whole area an international cruise center and a commercial hub in the Mediterranean. The role,therefore, the 3 ports are called to play is to lever the development of international trade and sustainability of the local and national economies in Greece and Albania, is a prominent one.However, this region now faces serious environmental risks arising, mainly, from port activities. Air and water pollution caused by ships seem to be a constantly increasing threat to the area’s waterways, air and coasts.

That is been accelerating as trade and tourism have become increasingly globalized. Port activities pollute the above mentioned natural resources in many ways: spill from oil, sewage, grey water, hazardous wastes, black carbon, the  noise pollution that disturbs natural wildlife and water from ballast, can spread harmful algae and other invasive species.To this end, the need for (a) defining synergies and strategies and adopting common environmental practices aimed at the protection of  the marine, coastal and air zone around the port and (b) monitoring the consumption of natural resources and energy were identified by the consortium members.Regular meetings and contacts held between partners, resulted in the identification of an aray of environmental issues to be coped with,and of the different practices adopted so far, with regard either to the strict legal framework of each port or to the activities applied by them.

As a result, it is common intention to improve their environmental practices and to come closer with the wider community.In addittion to the above,Corfu Port has already ensured founding of its Eco-Port Management Scheme (EMAS) certification and registration.