The European EMAS Awards are prestigious awards environmental management and reimbursed by the European Commission in leading companies and public authorities from 2005 until today.

The aim of the European Awards is to promote the Community eco-management and control EMAS (EC Regulation No 1221/2009), as well as recognizing and rewarding the environmental efforts of the EMAS registered organizations that demonstrate a unique performance at the designated topic of awards each year.

Qualified for a total of 36 nominations from Member States of the European Union, the topic:

"Participation parties (stakeholders), including employees, to continuously improve environmental performance."

There are 5 steps that will lead OLKE in EMAS registration

  1. Environmental review
  2. Environmental management system
  3. Environmental policy
  4. Environmental audit
  5. Registration by Competent Body


The main objectives applying EMAS on OLKE are

  • Identification of the relevant legislation
  • Recognition of the actual environmental situation
  • Allocation of funds to environment according to port capacity & needs
  • Ranking of environmental priorities
  • Creation of on-going experience, knowledge and awareness



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