Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. Long-lived and healthy seaways and atmosphere are examples of sustainable biological systems. To this extent,all project partners are committed to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gases, conserve energy and water resources through their activities taking into account the most significant environmental convention of MARPOL73/78. Their support includes conducting water and air quality measurements and land use planning, providing recreational opportunities, preserving open space and wildlife.All actions to be made in the project, beginning from the adoption of common practices and approaches (WP3), the certified environmental management system and the actions taken and supplies made to reach this (WP4),the after life communication plan and activities such as the Environmental Information Centre (WP6), WebSite (WP2) and Environmental Information System (WP5) show partners committment to creating a sustainable project and ensure mid-/long term stability of results.It worths also mentioning that the project is planned to have a long life duration.Thus,both partners will try to reassure its after-life implementation by 1)daily operating the Environmental Information System, renewing the content, 2)constantly operating the Website together with the Environmental Information System, 3)enriching its content, updating legislation,uploading studies and best practices,keeping up with exchanging knowledge via the forum/mail/etc, 4)trying to get real-time environmental measurements through the installation of the respective equipment 5)yearly renewing of EMAS registration and Environmental Management practices, 6)expanding water flow meter network, either with own funds or with raising EU funds from other ERDF programs.



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