The project objectives are summarized as follows:

1) to enable joint approaches to common issues and challenges the ports need to tackle;
2) to facilitate the adoption of common environmental practices through developing, implementing and financing joint environmental actions;
3) to strengthen and promote cross-border collaboration, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience not only among the consortium members (via the development and implementation of joint environmental actions aimed at the sustainable development of the area), but also among citizens of the area and beyond, stakeholders and tourists.

The strategies to be developed aim at ensuring the protection and restoration of European marine ecosystems in border areas of Greece and Albania, by reaching a consensus with respect to an environmental perception, and by establishing and implementing joint procedures, practices, policies and actions in compliance with National, European and International Laws (MARPOL 73/78 etc). These strategies will ultimately ensure the ecological sustainability of activities associated with the marine environment. The specific aims of the project partners are to:

§ set common environmental objectives and targets;
§ define  activities, systems and procedures for efficient and sustainable environmental management;
§ inform the public and other stakeholders about the environmental performance of both ports and the region of interest.
§ raise public awareness of locals and visitors, contributing to the sustainable development of the border area



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