The expected outputs of the project are:

1) a website-forum (with provisions for disabled people accessibility-W3C), where content relevant to general environmental aspects as well as information about the area will be uploaded, all the joint activities and practices to be implemented will be disseminated, exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge will be communicated and questions-answers by stakeholders will be submitted and problems will be highlighted.
The items to be covered are:
the promotion and dissemination of common environmental practices, co-operation between the ports, information on progress monitoring and control of environmental programs, public awareness about local community environmental activities and actions taken by each port, submission of questions, comments and discussions from the local community and interested parties, library of environmental  law and other legislation relating to port operations,environmental news and best practices;

2)training courses for the port staff,designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in the proper,implementation of environmental management;

3)a common method for reporting on joint environmental projects,developed in order to support each port in the implementation of the joint environmental policy;

4)equipment and operations to facilitate the monitoring, control and management of solid-liquid waste and air pollution–noise;

5)equipment and operations that will be supplied in order to reduce energy consumption,and equipment tailored to control and monitor natural resources waste (water flow meter),

6)equipment for fire extinguishing systems to be used for the efficient management of emergency situations;

7)Environmental Management Systems will be developed and installed in ports, leading eventually to certification and EMAS registration;

8)Center for Environmental Information and Education that will contributes to the diffusion of environmental actions and to the public awareness

In general, the overall expected results of the projects are foreseen to be the following:

1)the consensus that will be reached by the project partners with respect to the environmental issues arising in the area,providing a clearer focus on the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the area’s marine environment with a view to sustainable development;

2)the enhancement of joint environmental actions that will also take into account human activities;

3)the prevention of environmental accidents by means of coordinated actions,such as:the installation of proper equipment for water management, the supply of depollution float dam, the proper measurement of air and seawater quality, the planning of emergency situations, the adoption of improved energy efficient systems and the installation of fire extinguishers;

4)the implementation of infrastructure works, as planting trees and extensive road works along the marine for noise reduction;

5)a significant raise in the quality of living standards for residents of the town and the region near the ports;

6)raised levels of awareness and stimulation of both local people and visitors/tourists (summing up to more than 1,4 million per year only in Corfu Port Authority) about environmental issues via the web forum, information leaflets, conferences and, finally, the establishment of an Environmental Information Kiosk at Corfu Port; the latter will provide useful information about the local climate, environmental actions taken by each port, environmental news, location of recycling bins in the area, etc,

7)a considerable improvement of the environmental performance by means of the certification for the Environmental Management System;

8) the development of the Environmental Information System used to electronically manage and control sea water/air, etc. measurements, to measure water pipe flows, to facilitate experience exchange, to transfer knowledge via e-libraries and the forum, to provide historical data to the general public etc.



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