The project idea originates from the fact that the 3 partners (Corfu Port,Igoumenitsa Port,Port of Saranda) are located within a virtual triangle that renders the whole area an international cruise center and a commercial hub in the Mediterranean. The role,therefore, the 3 ports are called to play to leverage the development of international trade, and the sustainability of the local and national economies in Greece and Albania, is a prominent one.However, this region now faces serious environmental risks arising, mainly, from port activities. Air and water pollution caused by ships seem to be a constantly increasing threat to the area’s waterways, air and coasts. That is been accelerating as trade and tourism have become increasingly globalized. Port activities pollute the above mentioned natural resources in many ways.

The primary objective of the project is 1) to enable joint approaches to common problems that the ports deal with, 2)the adoption of common environmental practices among the 3 ports through developing, implementing and financing joint environmental actions.Moreover, the project aims at 3) strengthening and promoting cross border collaboration, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience firstly among the partners through the development and implementation of joint environmental actions resulting to sustainable development of the area and lastly among people of the area and beyond, stakeholders and tourists.

The project aims at ensuring the protection and restoration of European marine ecosystems in border areas of Greece and Albania, preparing common sense of environmental perception by establishing and implementing joint procedures, practices, policies and actions with respect to National, European and International Laws and ensuring ecological sustainability of economic activities associated with the marine environment.

The main project's geographical scope is to make the above mentioned triangle area,the cities of Corfu,Igoumenitsa and Saranda having joint environmental practices to prevent from the occurence of unwilling situations,pollutions,irrational natural resources wastes etc.In parallel,the ports to adopt environmental policies will help stakeholders, young people from the area and locals firstly to be informed and consequently sensitized, looking after the sea,ports,marines and coasts and beyond.



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