There are some ways about achieving environmental protection in the ports which are involved with the project, such as the reduction of waste at source, the reduction of the consumptions of natural resources, the prevention of pollution in each port, the reuse of materials, recycling and more. Thus there is a need for design and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Applying these needs to the port of Corfu, and by analyzing the scope of the project there is a initial plan about what is going to take place. The project is divided to the parts above:

Setting the project team and manager which ensures coordination and integration of activities . The project team members have some common characteristics, which features include technical skills in order to be able to resolve most of the technical problems that may arise, ability to focus on the problems, ability focus on goals and ability to interact.

Research and documentation of appropriate environmental legislation. Taking a closer look to the European and Greek environmental legislation about there are some tasks which we need to be specified such us:
Solid non-hazardous waste
Hazardous waste
Liquid wastes
Water Resources
Air pollution
Other general issues

There are also some requirements arising by licenses like:

Approval of Environmental Terms
Fire Safety certificate
Liquid waste disposal permits
Operation License

Diagnose and mapping the current situation. For further understanding of the current situation we need to analyze the activities of the company relating to the environment (Environmental Aspects). Select the most significant environmental impacts, examine the procedures carried out in different sections and specify the environmental problems/threats that very often arise as a result of maritime activities at the ports of Corfu such as older environmental incidents took place in the port of Corfu.

Informing management & personnel. Environmental Protection and Benefits of environmental management are going to involve entire staff of Corfu port in order to be informed and get familiar with the project.


Issue of the OLKE Environmental Policy. The objectives and principles on the environment are going to be reviewed and be up to date always in order to apply the Enviromental Management System in the port. Also the Greek law needs to be studied in order to fulfill the EMS.



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