Sampling in Saranda port

In yellow- 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G are sampling points for microbial contamination and physicochemical parameters.

The Albanian partners (Tafil Kola, Muharrem Merko, Lefkothea Eksarho, Hatixhe Ismaili, Thoma Thomagjini, Shkelqim Selmani, Thanas Mica) started collaborating with Greek partners on environmental issues. Firstly, the joint management team has drafted technical specification on project website, Study-Assessment of Environmental Aspects & Impacts, Conduction of Measurements of Sea Water Quality, Air Pollution And Noise Disturbance. Professor Tselentis for the University of Piraeus (Greece) appointed by Port of Corfu visited Saranda Port on the 4-5 August 2012. Samples were taken and results were communicated to the Port of Saranda.