Next Steps

The work plan set up during the kick off meetings has identified the next key tasks to be taken for project implementation. Joint Management Team has set a timetable in accordance with the approved application form providing details of the activities to be undertaken, the progress achieved against targets, timelines, expenditures incurred, and explanations for any variances against the initial plan. In terms of next 3 month planning, LP2 has already prepared the tenders for assigning the Study Assessment of Environmental Impact (D.3.1.1), as well as the Measurements of sea water, air pollution and noise (D.4.1.5) and will be soon proceed on procuring the tenders and signing the related contracts. LP2 Project Team is in continuous collaboration with Project Manager for drafting the technical specifications regarding the heating installations and the portable fire engine. P3 has nearly finished drafting tender specifications for procuring, at once, the deliverables as regards the Study Assessment of Environmental Impacts (D.3.1.1), the Environmental Measurements (D.4.1.5), the Environmental Management System (D.4.4.1) and the Environmental Information System (D.5.1.1). The contractor of the above mentioned will provide the joint Management Team the technical specifications for the Water Flow Meters and the related monitoring system (4.2.1 & 4.2.2 for all partners). The Joint Management Team will review, evaluate the specification and proceed on procuring the tenders.




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