Contract signed between OLHG  and PLEGMA SA concerning the following deliverables:

-    Workshop
-    Staff Training
-    Study Assessment of Environmental Aspects
-    Measurements of sea water, gas pollutants and noise
-    Environmental Management System
-    Environmental Management System Certification
-    Environmental Information System
-    Environmental Library

Contract signed between Sarande and IEM SA in order to undertake the following Workpackages:

WP2:Staff Training on Environmental Management
WP3:Study – Assessment of Environmental Aspects & Impacts
WP4:Emergency Plan

Contract between Sarande Port and  PLEGMA for the following WorkPackages:

WP1: Measurements of sea water, air pollutants and noise.
WP2: Environmental Management System according to the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004 & Register to Eco-Management and Control EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme) (Commission Regulation (EC) 1221/2009)
WP3: Environmental Management System Certification according to international standard ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004 & Register to Eco-Management and Control EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme) (Commission Regulation (EC) 1221/2009).
WP4: Project Management

Contract between OLKE and FIL ECO for the supply of Recycle Bins.

Contract  agreement between OLKE and IEM SA for two  deliverables:
A)     Study Assessment of Environmental Aspects and Impacts  
B)    Measurements of sea water,gas pollutants and noise.

Contract agreement between OLKE and ARTIUS for the construction of the Website – Forum and the issue of Newsletters.

Contract signed between OLKE and PLEGMA SA for the Project Management of the ELPORTAL

On the 13/11/2012 Professor Tselentis for the University of Piraeus (Greece) appointed by Port of Corfu visited Saranda Port for 2nd time. Management staff (Thoma Thomagjini, Shkelqim Selmani, Thanas Mica ) provided useful assistance to professor so that he get proper samples from around the port. New spots for sampling were introduced helping as benchmarking with previously taken samples (4-5/8/2012). Furthermore, Professor Tselentis has provided adequate analyses to the appointed management team of environmental management systems and more specifically he presented the port specific systems such as SDM, PERS certification (, ISO 14001 certification and EMAS registration.

On the 30/11/2012 a new project proposal was submitted under the 2nd call of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania programme with participation of all 4 ports previously mentioned (Vlore-Saranda-Corfu-Igoumenitsa). The project submitted aimed at improving port buildings energy efficiency maintaining the green policy and guidelines the ELPORTAL project has already set about.

Corfu Port has recently received its Environmental Management Systems certification (ISO14001) and experience from that achievement will be transferred to both partners.

On the 12/12/2012 Saranda management team has drafted the technical specifications for proceeding to procuring with appointing external expert to conduct the project management, the environmental measurements of sea water quality, air pollutants and noise, the study assessment of environmental aspects and impacts, the emergency plan, the environmental management system according to ISO14001 & EMAS registration, the dissemination events and staff training.

Currently, heavy work is being carried out by the joint management for drafting technical specifications for the water flow meters to be installed all over the port water pipes for monitoring and control of water losses and pipe spoilage.

The Port of Corfu’s environment and sustainability program is centered upon a triple bottom line approach whereby our leadership continually evaluates port operations for opportunities to improve efficiencies, enhance customer service, reduce environmental impacts, and create programs that help build better communities.  Innovation and creativity are keys to CPA’s success. 

The Port of Corfu received the ISO 14001 certification in November 2012 for its environmental management system, or EMS.  The Port of Corfu is the first major port on Greece to receive the ISO 14001 certification. As of November 30, 2012, the Port of Corfu is the only Ionian port to have all its operation facilities ISO 14001 Certified for Environmental Management.

Port of Corfu has received ISO 14001 through the SUPORTS project funded by the Interreg IVC programme, however, CPA’s ISO 14001 experience will be used to transfer knowledge to the Port of Saranda & Port of Igoumenitsa for establishing and implementing their Environmental Management System under the ELPORTAL project.

The project leader has ensured timely commencement of the project by holding 2 kickoff meetings in Corfu (16/7/12 & 27/9/12).During the 2 meetings,the objectives and targets of ELPORTAL were discussed and LP1 detailed the role and benefits of each port.The overall structure of the joint management team of the project was outlined and agreed and a detailed work plan was prepared (LP1,P3) setting out the tasks to be undertaken as part of the project, the role of the project partners in their implementation and the project budget. To summarize project progress:

WP1-D.1.2.2-Project Management. (LP1). Contract has been signed and is now ongoing.
WP1-D.1.2.4-Expenditure Verification Report. (LP2).Saranda Port signed the contract with the Audit firm appointing the expenditure verification reports services for the Albanian partner.
WP1-D.1.3.1-2 Kick of Meetings (all partners) were hold in Corfu (16/7/2012 & 27/9/2012).LP1,P3 prepared the detailed project work plan.
(LP1).Contract has been signed and is now ongoing.Project Website and Forum is in progress.
WP2-D.2.1.3-Newsletters.(LP1).Contract has been signed and is now ongoing. 1st newsletter will be issued in November 2012.
WP3-D.3.1.1-Study-Assessment of Environmental Aspects & Impacts. (LP1). Contract has been signed and is now ongoing.P3 provided specs & analyzed requirements for actions 3.1 & 4.1.
WP4-D.4.1.5-Conduction of Measurements of Sea Water Quality, Air Pollution And Noise Disturbance(LP1).Contract has been signed and is now ongoing. First environmental measurements has been conducted and lab results communicated to LP1.LP2,P3 provided LP1 activity reports.It worths mentioning that on 25/6/12,LP2 had a very first meeting with LP1 aiming at getting to know professionals and Corfu Port staff as well as to obtain a very first overview of project objectives,aims and expected results.