During the workshop was analyzed in detail the specific application of the environmental management system for each of the three ports, the achievements up to date on the environmental certifications , issues on saving energy and resources, and the future goals for full compliance with international practice.


The participants in the workshop had the opportunity to learn inter alia specifically for technical measurement issues of biodiversity ports from V. Tselentis , Professor of Marine Environment of the University of Piraeus with examples of other ports to Greek and European level , and to focus on cooperating with the prospect of ' understanding ' of the three Ports - Cities, as aptly presented by Mr. A. Koskinas , President of the Association of Environmental Protection Corfu with historical references to the importance of the wider region in the past but today with the " Adriatic- Ionian " on Primary Sector , transferring equivalent under the more general context of ecological perception and tourist development , without losing the overall identity of the region.


The benefits of the program EL-PORT-AL, will be visible in the immediate future with the implementation of projects and interventions by the ports in their facilities.

Here folows the program of the Workshop: