Activities carried out

On the 13/11/2012 Professor Tselentis for the University of Piraeus (Greece) appointed by Port of Corfu visited Saranda Port for 2nd time. Management staff (Thoma Thomagjini, Shkelqim Selmani, Thanas Mica ) provided useful assistance to professor so that he get proper samples from around the port. New spots for sampling were introduced helping as benchmarking with previously taken samples (4-5/8/2012). Furthermore, Professor Tselentis has provided adequate analyses to the appointed management team of environmental management systems and more specifically he presented the port specific systems such as SDM, PERS certification (, ISO 14001 certification and EMAS registration.

On the 30/11/2012 a new project proposal was submitted under the 2nd call of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania programme with participation of all 4 ports previously mentioned (Vlore-Saranda-Corfu-Igoumenitsa). The project submitted aimed at improving port buildings energy efficiency maintaining the green policy and guidelines the ELPORTAL project has already set about.

Corfu Port has recently received its Environmental Management Systems certification (ISO14001) and experience from that achievement will be transferred to both partners.

On the 12/12/2012 Saranda management team has drafted the technical specifications for proceeding to procuring with appointing external expert to conduct the project management, the environmental measurements of sea water quality, air pollutants and noise, the study assessment of environmental aspects and impacts, the emergency plan, the environmental management system according to ISO14001 & EMAS registration, the dissemination events and staff training.

Currently, heavy work is being carried out by the joint management for drafting technical specifications for the water flow meters to be installed all over the port water pipes for monitoring and control of water losses and pipe spoilage.